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Gin & Tips

Latest news and tips from the WEMBLEY LONDON DRY GIN world.

A glass made for gin: Copa de Balon

Each drink has its own glass recommended for serving, either for aesthetics or reasons related to the recipe. Many cocktails managed to popularise their glasses, giving them a superstar status in bars, restaurants and pubs. One such example is Copa de Balon, a glass born in the 1700s, in the Basque region of Northern Spain.

Copa de Balon has a distinctive shape, created especially to emphasise the aromas of gin recipes. The large capacity of the glass allows for a generous amount of ice, needed to keep the drink cold. The glass has become popular thanks to Michelin star chefs in the Basque region. Their explanation is simple: due to the shape of the glass, ice lasts longer and the cocktails remain cold for a longer period of time.

Copa de Balon is just one of many examples of a glass that is used by bartenders around the world to complement a drink. What’s your favourite serving glass for a cocktail?

Food pairing - the love story between cocktails and appetisers

Cocktails have won their place in bar menus and on the “to do” list for the home party. For a few years now, the art of cocktails has become more complex. Now we pair different drinks with tasty appetisers, especially put together to complement the mix in the glass. And the results are worthwhile. Here are 3 ideas for an "a la carte" food pairing:

1. The Royalist + bruschetta

The sweetness of the “The Royalist” and the freshness of the mint enhance the flavor of aromas in the freshly prepared bruschetta.
The ideal combination for a perfect afternoon.

2. Silhouette + smoked salmon salad

The bittersweet cocktail prepared with WEMBLEY LONDON DRY GIN, boosted by the volatile oils of orange peel, highlight the taste of salmon, resulting in a combination that can hardly be surpassed.

3. London Bliss + white fish salad

A light evening-snack accompanied by the perfect cocktail: London Bliss - the perfect combination of WEMBLEY LONDON DRY GIN and sparkling rose.

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